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 Custom Orders We have a B-day cup and T-shirt and we can do Vcay Cups and T-shirt's another is Family Reunions With a Name out of rhinestone or Girls V-cay or Babyshower T-shirt with a name this cup is a white rhinestone These cups come in different colors of cups than what you see in the other pic and different rhinestones colors they are mix size of stones the T-shirts are Bella Canvas and Juice Pack or a Koozie and Gift Bag with a permanent vinyl Name or a Pic "TIME IS DIFFERENT just because of the design and size of rhinestones it can take up to 3 to 6 weeks Like depending on the size of the Order. 

1. For One Cup 3 to 4 Weeks  2 Lines with 10 Letters it's $23.50 for One Cup 

2. For 3 Cups and with More than 10 letters in each cup $30.00 so add 3 times Thirty 

These Cups with Rhinestone take time just with this look is Two weeks to do Now if it was in a different Design with Different Stones it's different Time and Different price just so you know. 

If your need a Custom Order for a Cup send me an email at  Leave a Name and a short Email on what your need will email you back. 



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