Car Freshies

Aroma Beads 

When getting your scale you want to wight your jar first you will wight your jar in Oz after you put your jar you want to press the tape then move the jar off and put it back on to where it says zero on it once you do that you can now add the Aroma beads you want to fill it halfway once you're done you can Clear your scale to zero to make sure it's on Oz then you can add your Oil now you can put as much as you want I put 3oz of Oil but you can add 5 oz with your scale you can how much you add because you clear it. Now once you're done you want to leave the room at the top so your oil and Beads can absorb then close the jar and shake very good you want to shake every day once in the morning then again at noon than at night just because so the oil will even out on all the beads. Then after that leave the beads in the jar for 10 days till you don't see any beads sticking onto the jar that's when you know that it's drying up after the ten days you're ready to make your car freshies.  

To add Color to your beads it's not in till your ready to make them the video at the top shows you what I did you only want to add a little color set your Oven at 350 if you have a ziplock or a paper cup add your beads and color and shake very good then put it in your cookie-cutter after that pat your beads down once you're done put them in the oven for 13 mins but because I leave in Tx it may be different for you so I would just Eyeball it and set your timer pat your car freshies and if it sticks to your finger it's NOT Ready put it back in for the other 2mins after that if you want to add Glitter you can now that it's hot then once it's warm you can now you can pop off the cutter after that drill a hole at the top and your Car Freshies is Ready to Go.  

  • List of Products I use to make Car freshies.

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