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Looking for Testers

In your Home 

I make Candles I need people who are not family that would test out candles in their homes you fill out a form this form will ask you how was the candle the wax and wick how long it burns if the smell is strong for you was it a clean burn this will be a google form and just send it back  

Welcome, To Mandy's Freshies Vibrant Designs.

My Name Amanda Casas I'm married to my husband Myles Casas also has his own business we have 3 boys and 1 girl she the oldest and we also have a grandbaby girl she is our world. I was working for a school for 3 yrs in till I quit my job because I work so many hours always putting my job first just because I wanted more I wanted to move up so I would show my job that I can do the job staying late working  all the time but they would put it off they thought I would stay and keep on working late from 6:30 to 8 every mouth and on my days off I would work it was very hard cleaning the school is a very hard job I really wanted to be the boss I did everything a boss would do plus setting up meetings and board meetings I had to stay for that to lock up till one day I said " I done this is it !!  I'm Overwork and they're never going to be a boss. Now I'm so happy and stress-free I don't have to worry about meetings or kids getting sick or even having work late just because someone called in I'm so glad I did what I did. Then they never paid me the last month I worked I sent them emails and they said they overpaid me that's not right because they knew I work late hours but that they didn't say I could and that they can't pay me so I just left it that way.    I wanted to show you what I'm making and selling everything I'm selling is made by my own hands here in Tx all of my products are from other Tx Sellers and everything I make I test them out to see if they're good to sell online I will NOT sell anything that I don't think it's good or poor products. I will put up videos on what I make and show you a list of products I use and where therefrom. I hope you enjoy everything and please don't forget to share like and follow.   

Thank you,  

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