Great NEWS Everyone  My Shop is going to Shopify!

I will keep this website and have a Shopify to build more Customer base and to be able to share and do A lot of Giveaways my last Give Away Not very many people were seeing my Give Away so I opened a Shopify for my Handmade crafting was seen and my store can take off that way so it's taking it's time I want to make sure everything is good to go I don't want Rush it and Move fast I hope you Understand Thank you for showing love and Coming on and look at everything I Make is done by hand by one person and that's ME ..  Thank You So Much Xoxo  Handmade custom design - Mandy's-freshies-vibrant-design            


Please Shop On my Myshopify Not 

Here Thank you !!

New 4oz glass candles coming soon on my website you can find these Hand-pour Candles on my Shopify already @  I'm sorry it's taking me long to add my Hand made gifts on my website with Two platforms it's crazy a lot of time to do but Thank you so much For coming back on and checking up on me I will get better on this adding everything on here as well.  We got New Candles and Teachers' gifts I will have Mother's Day Gifts made as well. 

These Wooden candle dough bowls will be coming after the NEW YEAR can't for you to see what more is to come for 2023 for Mandy's Freshies Vibrant Designs it is a Big change and so many other products coming New Designs to cute V-time's so be in the lookout for that.

Cotton Spandex

These cotton spandex are already cut for tumblers ears bows and so many other handmade crafts. They are also perfect for any embroidery projects. 

Contact us by: Email  

Sorry I can't put down my Full Address just for the safty of my Family and as for my phone Number as well but I will get  your email as soon as they come in. 
                                                            Thank you 

Amanda Casas


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